What are E-Recruitment and its advantages in oraganisation

E-recruitment is a process in whichever Organisations advertise job vacancies through the World Wide Web (WWW) or send the information directly to the most competent people through e-mail The job seekers send their applications through e-mail using the Internet Alternatively, job seekers place their CVs in the world wide web through various sites like naukri.com and jobs.com, which can be drawn by the prospective employers depending upon their requirements.

Advantages of E-recruitment

  • A click on the mouse presents 240,000 job sites to the candidate
  • It reduces the cost by 95 percent of the traditional recruitment;
  • It reduces the time from the normal 43 days of traditional recruitment to just a few days,
  • It presents the list of job opportunities to the candidate when ne submits details of his/her skill set
  • It shortlists the candidates by matching the candidate’s qualifications, skills etc., with those of skills and the right competencies inbuilt in the software;
  • It also prepares interview schedules and communicates the same to the candidates,
  • It streamlines the entire recruitment process for a given time and unlimited job requirements, and
  • The number of people required for handling of applications are reduced drastically

In view of these advantages a number of employers around the world recruit the people using Internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the two sources of e-recruitment?

The two sources of e-recruitment are: first is Internal Sources: This involves posting job openings within the company for existing employees to apply. It can include internal job boards, company newsletters, and communication channels and second is External Sources: This includes using online platforms, job websites, social media, and other digital channels to reach external candidates who are not currently employed by the company.

Q2. Why is e-recruitment important?

E-recruitment is very important because it helps companies find the right people for the job faster and at a lower cost. Use the Internet to reach more candidates, even remotely. This saves time and money compared to old-fashioned methods. It is also environmentally friendly as it uses less paper. E-Recruiting makes the entire recruitment process smoother and more efficient.

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