What are E-Performance Management and its advantages?

E-Performance Management: Several software packages are developed to measure employee performance and offer suggestions for improvement of employee performance. Many employers tend towards using these software packages and computerise the employee performance appraisal systems.

What is E-Performance Management?

The software on employee performance appraisal provides a number of statements and sub-statements on each of the performance categories. The appraiser selects and clicks the appropriate rating for each statement. The system generates a detailed report, by the time the appraiser has moved all the performance categories and sub-factors. This report can be modified, comments can be added or deleted by the appraiser and a final report can be prepared by the manager.

Further, organisations use computer networks, sophisticated telephone systems, and video equipment to monitor and record the employee work activities.

Advantages of e-performance management

Advantages of e-performance management are:-

  • Managers can manage more number of employees with less effort;
  • Appraising performance can be done in less time; and
  • Employees can also know the areas/categories of appraisal, ratings of appraisal etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How does E-Performance Management benefit businesses?

With E-performance management, companies can achieve better results in a number of ways. Easily track how your employees are doing their jobs. It also helps employees understand what they are working on and what needs to be improved. As a result, the company as a whole works better and is more successful.

Q2. Does E-Performance Management show what training is needed?

Yes, E-Performance Management can help know what training employees need. It looks at how well they’re doing and figures out where they can learn more. This way, everyone can get better at their jobs.

Q3. How does E-Performance Management contribute to employee growth?

E-Performance Management helps employees learn and improve. Validate how they work and find ways to make them even better. As a result, employees thrive and work more efficiently.

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