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If you are looking for options in career after graduation, then you have advanced a lot in your academic life and now, this is the right time to decide to choose a career suitable for you, because it really makes your great professional The path to the future will open. All of this is not as easy as it seems because it is the time when you struggle to keep pace with your passion and skill sets.

After graduation, it is very natural for any student to become confused when he has to choose the right career for himself. Nowadays, the job market is growing by leaps and bounds and many off-beat jobs are becoming very popular. This important question remains in the mind of almost all the students: What should I do after graduation? ” How to make a career after graduation? Which course should be done after graduation? For this, you can read these suitable guidelines which will help you in making career choices after your graduation.

Career after graduation

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After graduation, we have many options to get a job. But the truth is that some students make their goal with 12th and achieve their target on the fixed limit but some students are unable to decide in which field we should make our career. In this, most of their time passes. Depending on your study stream and study area, there are a lot of career options available to you nowadays but it depends on your selection courses.

By the way, it is difficult to tell in an article after graduation how to choose a career after graduation because many courses are included in the graduation, but we are talking about the favorite courses of students if you have If you have graduated from another subject, then you can comment on us.

Graduation from science stream

B.Sc. That is, after doing Bachelor of Science, many career options are opened. The B.Sc itself is a very large degree, after which the job can be easily found, apart from this there are many other options which are like this. Students graduating from Science stream can choose a good career in their field. Because in science, there is always a chance to learn new and innovative things.

Courses after graduation from science stream

  • After doing BSc, students can do MSc directly in the subject of their choice. For students who want to study research and doctoral level, MSc will provide new employment opportunities.
  • B.Sc students can make their careers in the field of management, MBA courses are offered with specialization in Hospital Management, IT Management and Laboratory Management and these are proving to be an excellent course module for science graduates.
  • Science graduates including Maths can pursue a Master’s degree in Computer Applications for their career in the IT field.
  • Another great option for science graduates is to take diploma courses in Computer Science, Animation and Computer Languages. These are not only short-term courses but after doing them you get very good salary packages.
  • BSC students can also do B.Ed and adopt teaching profession. You can also become a professor in college by giving NET – SET.
  • Nowadays B.Sc. There are many subjects like Microbiology, Biotechnology, Computer Science, Agriculture etc. If you do B.Sc in a particular subject in this way, then you can get a chance to work in many fields.

Job Options after graduation from science stream

There are a lot of job opportunities for BSC graduates. Science graduates can get both government and private sector jobs after obtaining their graduation degree. Such as: –

  • Education Institutes
  • Space Research Institutes
  • Hospitals
  • Health Service Providers
  • Chemical Industries
  • Testing institutes
  • Geological Survey Institutes
  • Science Graduates Marketing
  • Science Graduates Medical Representative
  • Consultant
  • Junior Clinical Research Engineer
  • Teachers, Banking, Railways, SSC, IAS, IPS,
  • Geological Survey Institute
  • Police Department and Army etc.

Graduation from commerce stream

B.Com. That is, Bachelor of Commerce, which is a 3-year undergraduate degree in a Faculty of Commerce. After doing this, careers in fields like accounting, banking, business can be made. After completing BCom, students can make a good professional career by doing higher studies or preparing for a government job or even in private jobs, graduate students from this faculty can make their career.

Courses after graduation from Commerce stream

  • The most preferred career option after BCom is CA’s career. CA’s Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAI) conducts these 3 level modules of this exam – CPT, IPCC and Final. After passing all these exams they become chartered accountants.
  • After BCom, you can also do M.Com. In this program, the subjects of Business, Accounting, Finance, Statistics, Economics, Marketing and Management are taught.
  • After B.Com, you go to Along with any other diploma like PGDCA or PGDBM, you can get a good job.
  • After B.Com. MBA may be a better option. CAT, XAT, MAT and MHCET are some of the famous entrance tests that you have to pass to get admission in a famous MBA college.
  • There are many diplomas in the field of accounting such as taxation, computer application, honors etc. You can get a good job by doing it.

Job Options after graduation from Commerce stream

  • After BCom, you can apply for any post of accounts in any company.
  • If you have good knowledge of cost accounting, basic principals of accounting and management accounting then you can easily get a good job in the financial sector.
  • You can also get a job as an auditor, junior financial analyst, tax accountant, analyst in a consultancy, industrial house or public accounting firm.
  • With this, you can get a job in various departments by preparing for a government job.

Graduation from arts stream

B.A. That is, Bachelor of Commerce which is a 3-year graduation in Arts (Faculty of Arts). There can be many career options after doing this.

Courses after graduation from Arts stream

  • After Arts Graduates, you can do your MA in various subjects like English, Economics and History. And adopt teaching profession.
  • MA programs are better for students who wish to continue their studies through MPhil and doctoral programs and become researchers in their fields.
  • One can also opt for B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) program after Arts Graduates. This program provides a golden opportunity for students to pursue a career in teaching.
  • After BA there are many other courses that you can do such as mass communication, multimedia, web designing, hotel management, animation, film-making, computer technology, painting etc.
  • You can also do MBA after graduation. If you do MBA from your good college and have good information then you can go to good post in the company in future.

Job Options after graduation from Arts stream

  • Government Job: There are also direct recruitment in many departments, which you can apply after completion of graduation.
  • Arts students can apply for government jobs in Banking, Agriculture, Central Secretariat, Railways and all other government offices. For these jobs, you have to pass different entrance tests like IBPS and SSC exam.
  • If your communication skills and personality traits are good, then you can work in a BPO as a Customer Service Associate or Relationship Executive.
  • If you can write well enough, then you can work as a sub-editor in any media house or as a copy-writer in an ad agency.

After graduating from arts, you may not get the desired job in private sector, so it is better that you keep preparing for government exam as well.

Career tips after graduation

After graduation, when you are very much confused what to do next? …… it is a little difficult to think. Students are unable to decide whether to apply for a job or to opt for higher studies. Or some students want them to do further studies with earnings. We are sharing some suitable tips that almost all students should understand after graduation to be able to choose a better career correctly.

Find your interest 

When you are in 10th or 12th, it will be difficult for you to know your interest and you will have started further studies by taking admission in any faculty. But the experience you gained during your college days, you must have got a good guess about your interest. Pay close attention to your hobbies and passion as well as your skills, talent and ability. With this, you will be able to judge your ability and potential yourself and then, after careful consideration, will choose a suitable career for you.

Do internship in your field

The best way to test any career option is to get real experience in that career. Therefore, if you are not sure about your skill sets or passion and want to experiment, then apply for an internship in the career field of your choice. By doing this, you will not only get to know about your interest and passion but also, you will be able to make the right decision about continuing your studies or joining a job right after graduation.

Along with graduation for the job, increase skills

With today’s graduation, you need to have a good knowledge of computers. Along with this, your communication skills should also be good and you should also have a very good knowledge of practical language used in daily life, and most importantly, your way of communicating. After graduation, whenever you go for an interview in an institute, the above things are very useful for you at that time.

It is important to check the values ​​of work

Nowadays it is very important for the student to be multi talented. In college, if you have simultaneously participated in academics, sports, part time work and many other activities, then add it to your job and see if you can do many things here too. Checking your work, see if the company trusts you and gives some challenging work, then how will you do it? It is important to know about yourself how hardworking you are.

Prepare yourself for adversity

Sometimes there are many problems in our life, then we get nervous. Similarly, when we are doing a job somewhere, then sometimes we face such problems which make us very nervous and in those situations We take some wrong decisions. Therefore, it is necessary to keep ourselves ready for adversity. Maybe your first job is not according to your mind, but if you keep working, then you will definitely get new opportunities. Always keep your thinking positive.

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