Tell me about yourself for fresher?

When we go to Interview then first question to ask “Tell me about yourself?” through interviewer. This is one of the most common questions in an interview and usually tops the list of the interviewer’s questions.

You can also say Introducing Yourself becomes the basis of decision-making of the interviewer.

Tell me about yourself?

How can introduce yourself on the good way. Here we share some the key to make best use of this question is to include ALL the following points.

  1. Start with your name and the city and state from where you hail from.
  2. An overview of your academic and professional qualifications in ascending order. Following the same, line up your achievements in descending order.
  3. A brief synopsis of two or maximum three projects of which you have been part of (this is specifically important for experienced candidates). Mention your role in those projects.
  4. Mention your exceptional qualities, if any. Include them only if you think its relevant and can earn you a brownie point by impressing the interviewer(s).
  5. Do mention about your family background – place where they reside, members in family and their occupation.
For Example:-

Firstly, I would like to say thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself.

I’m Divyanshu Kumar from New Delhi, India. I had completed MBA in HR and Finance management from swami Vivekananda University. I have done B.Tech from Rawal Institute and my school from state board.

Currently working with XXXXXX PVT. LTD (Company name) in New Delhi as Project manager. I am assigned as team lead for completion project. Before that I was in XXXXXX PVT. LTD (Company name) as a site manager for project reporting to area manager.

My strength is that I have positive thinking and quick learner. My aim is to do a good job with good position.

About my family background : My father is Businessmen, My mother is housewife, My one elder brother is B.Tech in Computer Science.

Once again thanks for giving me this opportunity.

However, there a few things which you need to take extra care of-

  • In no possibility should the answer take more than 5 minutes. Keep it short but contended at the same time.
  • Be prepared for any sort of counter-questions that can be derived from your this answer.
  • Beware of how you speak. Never let the interviewer feel that you have mugged things up.

Now, you can practice introduce your self with comment section. Comment your answer and get them reviewed.

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