Who discovered physics?

Let us know who discovered physics. Physics is a branch of Science which mainly studies Matter and Energy. The history of physics is very old. In such a situation, it is important to know who discovered physics and who brought it to us.

Who discovered physics?

So, let’s know today about who discovered physics and when: –

Physics is the study of this physical world, in which if we get information about falling fruits from trees; then we can also understand the black holes and planets in the universe.

In such a situation, the discovery of physics should be a very important discovery for us, but you must be surprised to know that physics has not been discovered by any one physicist but many great physicists have given new laws of physics from time to time and with the help of these earth and solve the mysteries of the universe.

Let us know about some such great physicists: –

Anegyeminder: – Anegyeminder was a Greek scholar who gave information about the theory of the origin of the universe and the constellations.

Archimedes: – Archimedes was a great mathematician, physicist and inventor who gave new heights to mathematics, physics and engineering. He laid the foundation for explaining the theory of hydrostatics, statistics and levitation in physics.

Galileo Gallei: – Galileo Gallei was an Italian scientist. He contributed a lot to the visionary inventions.

Isaac Newton: – Sir Isaac Newton being a scientist of England was a great mathematician, physical scientist and philosopher. He discovered the principle of motion and the laws of gravity.

Michael Faraday: – Michael Faraday was a physicist as well as a chemist. He invented the magnetic effect of electric current.

Faraday established the laws of electrotherapy which are called Faraday’s laws.

James Clarke Maxwell: – James Clarke Maxwell was an eminent mathematician and physical scientist from Scotland who propounded electromagnetic theory; which enabled the invention of radio and television.

Marie Curie: – Marie Curie was a famous physicist and chemist who discovered radio activity and together with her husband discovered the radioactive substances radium and polonium.

Max Planck: – Max Planck was a German scientist who discovered quantum mechanics. He discovered the electromagnetic nature of radiation and thus it became known that light radio waves, ultraviolet and infrared are all forms of radiation that are actually electromagnetic waves.

Albert Einstein: – Albert Einstein was a world famous theoretical physicist who made great discoveries like the theory of relativity and mass-energy equation.

Erwin Schrödinger: – Erwin Schrödinger was a famous scientist who laid the foundation of quantum mechanics.


The field of Physics is very wide in which there have been many great discoveries and inventions; which have made our life very easy and it is also possible to understand the mysteries of the universe.

Such discoveries and inventions are going on even today and in the coming times, these discoveries will continue in this way because there are many great physicists who have contributed in the field of physics. The more his contribution is appreciated, the less it will be.

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